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Convection Motor 522004 Update

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We are happy to announce an update about the supply shortage of the Southern Pride gas smoker convection motor part # 522004.

As many of you may know we have been dealing with supply chain issues of these motors for the majority of this year due to the factory in Mexico being shut down by the Mexican government

522004 Convection Motor

Leeson has announced the Mexican government is allowing them to reopen their factory at minimum capacity.  This will hopefully allow us a steady supply of these motors to our customers without anymore delays.

We have our first order of these motors due to arrive Friday of this week.  All existing customer purchase orders will fulfilled, and we will have a substantial amount of motors on stand by for any future orders.

If you have been considering replacing your convection motor on your MLR-150, SPK-280, SPX-300, SPK-500, SP-700, SPK-700, MLR-850, SPK-1000, SPK-1400 we recommend parts being order at the earliest convenience to prevent missing out of supply issues arise again in the near future.

Orders can be placed by phone, or directly from our website by clicking here.

What are we doing to prevent issues in the future?

Southern Pride has announced to all authorized distributors that we are working with a potential new supplier of convection fan motors.

The minimize the possitiblity of the same issues we are currently facing the new supplier will have a different country of origin than our current supplier.

We thank all of our customers as they push forward with us through the challenges COVID-19 has presented to us.

-Southern Pride of Texas


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