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Southern Pride of Texas® has been the worlds leading distributor of Southern Pride smokers for more than 15 years. We manage to keep our title by not only providing our customers with the worlds most reliable commercial smokers, and replacement parts, at rock bottom prices, but also by providing each customer with our world renowned after purchase support for all new, and used Southern Pride smokers. Here at Southern Pride of Texas® we can assist you with picking out the right smoker to fit any need, or help you diagnose your existing smoker with support from industry leading technicians.

Why Southern Pride?

The hallmark of Southern Pride products has always been simplicity, dependability and design. Our equipment is designed with only the highest quality components, construction materials, and techniques that ensure long service life. The accuracy of our controls, the ease of use, consistent heat, and superior convection, all combine for unmatched performance in our industry. Merge the standard features of a Southern Pride smoker with our excellent distributor support, timely service, and durability and you’ll find an outstanding “before and after” purchase experience.

Standard Features

304 stainless steel construction, inside and out (reduces potential for rust, less deterioration after years of use) Multiple venting options designed exclusively for our smokers (rotisserie models) Optional flue locations on gas rotisserie smokers (front or rear) Digital thermometer/thermostat control, standard on all models Safety shock relay on all rotisserie models Convection fan access door: Easy access to convection fan for required periodic cleaning ETL safety and sanitation listing Fast, and easy access to service compartments Stainless steel door closers Maintenance-free bearings on drive systems and convection fan systems Rotating teflon rotisserie wheel drive pins (rotisserie models)

Gas Smokers

The primary heat source for our smokers is gas — either natural gas or liquified propane (LP). Southern Pride gas smokers are great for roasting product simply by leaving the firebox free of wood. Wood, when used, supplies additional heat and imparts smoke flavor into your product. Our Subterthermic™ flue increases smoke intensity, heat efficiency and enhances your flavors in products — all while drastically reducing wood usage. Our largest units, for example, can smoke up to 1,400 pounds with only two or three fireplace-size logs. Season your product and load it in. Next, place 1, 2, or 3 pieces of wood into the firebox, depending on what smoke profile you desire. Finally, turn the smoker on and set the temperature. The most amazing thing about all Southern Pride smokers is their simple, automatic operation. No guesswork, no need for constant attention, no turning or rotating the product while it cooks. Just let your Southern Pride do all the work until your taste-tempting dish is ready…automatically! Precise temperature control and remarkably even heat distribution explain the Southern Pride success story. Our special convection air system recirculates the smoke and heat throughout the chamber, cooking every piece of product slowly and uniformly, while our self-basting rotisserie enhances flavor and texture. This entire effortless process increases profitability by reducing product shrinkage — the magic formula B.B. and Michael Robertson sought four decades ago.


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“These guys are very knowledgeable about their rotisserie parts and are very knowledgeable about computers too!”

Randy Hebert

“Always have what I need!”

Bob Haver

“Owner did right by me”

Justin Brack