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List Price: U.S., Canada & Mexico $20,561 + tax and freight

List Price: 120v International $20,561 + tax and freight

List Price: 230v International $24,161 + tax and freight

Convection air system

  • The 65,000 BTU (19KW) burner heats the smoker cabinet and ignites the 2-3 fireplace size logs in the firebox to obtain the desired flavor, aroma, and texture.
  • The convection fan draws the smoke from the firebox and circulates the smoke throughout the smoker cooking cabinet.
  • The Subterthermic® flue increases the smoke flavor of the product, increases the heat efficiency, and reduces the wood usage.

Smoker interior

  • The entire smoker interior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.
  • The smoker comes standard with (14), 18″ x 26″ (457 x 660mm) product racks and has a maximum capacity of (27) product racks with 1 1/2″ (38mm) spacing.

Digital control panel

The standard programmable digital cook and hold control allows for cook temperature selection between 140° to 325°F (60° to 163°C), cook time, and hold temperature and allows for programming of 30 preset menus.  

Smoker exterior

The smoker exterior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.


Gas Specifications
* Natural or LP gas
* 65,000 BTU (19KW) burner
* 1/2″ gas inlet (NPT)
* Supply line pressure
     Natural – 4.5″ W.C. min – 10.0″ W.C. max (11.2 – 26.5 mbar)
     LP – 11.0″ W.C. min – 13.0″ W.C. max (27.4 – 32.4 mbar)

Electrical Specifications
* 120 volt AC, 60 hertz, 1-phase, 15 amp wiring w/NEMA 5-15P plug -or-
* 230 volt AC, 50 hertz, 1-phase, 15 amp wiring w/no plug provided

Ventilation Specifications
* The smoker must be vented in accordance with the Owner’s Manual and the installation must comply with all relevant local and national codes and in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

Smoker Specifications
* Smoker exterior dimensions – 43″w x 32 1/8″d x 77″h (1092 x 816 x 1956mm)
* Smoker weight – 780 lbs (354kg)

Approximate Smoker Capacities:

  • Pork Butts (8-10 lbs)(3.6 – 4.5 kg) each……42 pieces
  • St. Louis Ribs (2.75 lbs)(1.2kg) each………..70 pieces
  • w/optional rib racks the smoker can hold 91 ribs.
  • Whole Chicken (3-4 lbs)(1.4 – 1.8 kg) each..72 pieces
  • Beef Brisket (12-15 lbs)(5.4 – 6.8 kg) each..18 pieces

Capacities will vary based on product specifications and loading method.

Optional Features

Glass product doors

Tempered glass in the center of the product door allows for the viewing of the product during the cook cycle without opening the doors.

Stainless steel product racks

The standard nickel chrome product racks can be upgraded to stainless steel product racks.

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