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Mobile Smokers

At Southern Pride of Texas® our mobile smoker line includes four of our most versatile gas smokers (MLR-150, SPK-300, SPK-500, and SP-700), each flush mounted on a purpose-built trailer.

Each smoker is built with delicate care to ensure you receive the complete experience of Southern Pride’s quality, and dependability that ensures a long lasting life of your smoker.

Our expert sales team are available today to assist in picking the perfect smoker for your needs.

All Southern Pride smokers include the following:

Proud history

Southern Pride has been manufacturing commercial barbecue smokers since 1976.

made in the usa

Every Southern Pride smoker is manufactured in our 117,000 square foot facility in Alamo, Tennessee.

distributor network

Our products are sold through our worldwide network of independent distributors.  This allows a local contact to assist with every step of the purchase, installation and operation process.

flexible product line

With 8 models to choose from there is a Southern Pride smoker for every application.

designed for the long haul

Every Southern Pride smoker is constructed of stainless steel inside and out for years of worry-free use.

ease of use

Southern Pride has eliminated the need for constant attention by the operator.

easy to maintain

With features like the convection fan access door, Southern Pride smokers are designed with maintenance in mind.  A well maintained smoker is a long-lasting smoker.

consistent product

With a precise digital thermostat and electronic pilot burner, Southern Pride smokers maintain a consistent temperature resulting in a consistent product each and every cook cycle.

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