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522004 – Back Orders

522004 – Back Orders

Over the last couple of months we have been dealing with a supply chain issue with the most common convection motor part # 522004 that is used in all of gas smokers except for the SP-750 & SP-1000 that came with a 2 speed convection motor.

We currently have very limited supply of these motors. Leeson is telling us it could be a month before we have more inventory of these available so please do not wait if you are in need.

You can order directly on our website, or order by phone at 409-886-8626.

Click here to order now!

Compatible Models

  • BBR-79-1
  • BBR-79-2
  • BBR-700
  • SPK-280
  • SPX-300
  • SPK-500
  • SPK-700
  • SP-700
  • SPK-1000
  • and more!