Why can't I use new style hangers on old style smokers?

by Coby Poluk on September 20, 2023 Categories: Troubleshooting

Some folks wonder why you cannot use the cheaper new style hangers in place of the more expensive old style welded hangers.

You cannot use a new style hanger on an old style smoker unless the enter drive system has been replaced with a new style axle, and carousel wheel.

If you put new style hangers on an old style carousel wheel you will have metal on metal which will lead to larger more costly problems down the line. 

Also, the center spacing between the old and new style carousel wheels is different which can lead the carousel wheel being slowly pushed off of the axle key which can lead to a system crash which could damage the wheels, hangers, racks, and axle.  

We have now created a new style welded hanger replacement that has gotten the price down drastically.   You can read about the new welded hanger replacements HERE.