Diagnose No Power To CV Thermostat

by Coby Poluk on September 20, 2023 Categories: Troubleshooting


All repairs should be performed by a certified technician. Southern Pride of Texas® is not liable for any damges, or injury if you choose to attempt repairs on your own. When dealing with high voltage, and moving drive systems there is a risk of extreme injury, or even DEATH.

Hello from Southern Pride of Texas,

Today we will explain how to diagnose a Southern Pride gas rotisserie smoker with a digital CV thermostat that is not powering up when the smoker should be operating. 

Tools Required:– Nut Driver– Multimeter

The first thing you want to do is check your breaker and/or GFCI plug to ensure they have not tripped.

If your breaker has not tripped, and you are reading 120v AC from your outlet then please proceed with this guide.

Take your multimeter, and verify that we are receiving 120v  AC directly from the GFCI outlet. (You may also verify 120v to the unit by using the rotisserie advance button)

If you are receiving 120v then we need to remove the control panel for further testing.  

To remove the control panel first unplug your smoker from the wall then proceed to remove the bolts shown in the picture to the right to drop the control panel.

Once the control panel has been dropped ensure nothing is making contact with the case of the smoker, and then plug the power to the machine back in.

First, we want to check the main power switch for 120v from terminal 3 to case ground.  Terminal 3 sends power directly to the thermostat.

If you find 120v AC present at terminal 3 the thermostat is faulty, and needs replacement.  CLICK TO PURCHASE

If you do not have 120v on terminal 3 then perform the same test on terminal 4.

If you do not find 120v at terminal 4 then move to the clear ice cube relay that does not have a red wire.

At this relay you want to test for 120v across the coil with the doors closed, and the smoker in operation (A & B terminals on older relays, and terminals 13 & 14 on newer relays).

If you find 120v AC across the coil, but no power to terminal 3 then the main power switch needs replacement. CLICK TO PURCHASE

If 120v is not present across the coil then your relay has failed. CLICK TO PURCHASE

If 120v is comfirmed across the coil your door switch is either faulty, the gap between the switch and door is to far, or possibly has a bad connection.  

First, attempt to manually activate the magnet door switch by touching a metal object to it such as a knife, or spoon.  If no change then drop the door switch, and verify the molex connector is firmly secured, and there is no damaged to the wiring harness. If you find the wiring harness to be in good shape your door switch has more than likely failed.  CLICK TO PURCHASE.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us directly for phone based support at 409-886-8626.