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Shock Relay Diagnosis and Settings

por Coby Poluk el September 20, 2023 Categorías: Troubleshooting

**NOTICE**All repairs should be performed by a certified technician. Southern Pride of Texas® is not liable for any damages, or injury if you choose to attempt repairs on your own.When dealing with high voltage, and moving drive systems there is a risk of extreme injury, or even DEATH.

If you have a chain driven Southern Pride rotisserie smoker, and your rotisserie stops spinning you may have a faulty shock relay.  A shock relay works just like a breaker, but fancier.

Diagnostic procedure:If you have a new style shock relay your relay will have terminals A1 and A2 instead of L1 and L2.

First, test for incoming power by testing for 120v across terminals A1/L1 and A2/L2 when the smoker is cooking.

**If you do not have 120v then you need to diagnose no power to your shock relay.

Once you confirm you have 120v coming into your shock relay you need to test if you have 120v coming out of your shock relay.  This can be done by testing for 120v between terminals A2/L2 and 98.

**If you do have 120v across terminals A2 & 98 then your shock relay is fine.  Please click HERE to learn how to diagnose if your gearmotor, gearmotor brake, or capacitor is faulty.

If you have successfully confirmed you have 120v coming into the relay, but no 120v coming out then your shock relay is faulty.

You can also test a little farther by testing for 120v at the terminals closest to the gearmotor (usually blade connectors). Test with connectors still plugged up because if you unplug them it will lie to you.

A new shock relay can be purchased by clicking HERE.

New relays do not come with their settings pre-configured so once you receive your new shock relay make sure you’re settings are correct to prevent causing any unwanted failure and/or damage to your shock relay, gearmotor, or other rotisserie system parts.

MLR-150, SPX-300, SPK-500  Settings:

Start Time: 2.5
Shock Time: 1.0
Current: 1.5

SP-700, MLR-850, SPK-1000, SP-1000, SPK-1400 Settings:

Start Time: 2.5
Shock Time: 1.0
Current: 5.5