Replacing mechanical thermostat 433001 with digital thermostat 432001

por Coby Poluk el September 20, 2023 Categorías: Troubleshooting

Installing part number 432001 digital thermostat in place of part number 433001 mechanical will provide better temperature control and quality of product. This also eliminates the need for the thermometer.

To make this change, the control panel mounting plate must be replaced. The new plate will have the 432001 temperature control, the circuit breaker and panel sticker installed. All switches and wiring will need to be transferred to the new panel without any modifications.

  1. Disconnect power from smoker.
  2. Remove 6 panel mounting screws holding control panel to smoker then pull panel away and down to expose rear of panel and wiring. Remove thermometer and thermostat cap tubes from inside smoker.
  3. Locate the inline 15 pin molex plug and disconnect, there is a lock tab that will need to be released to be able to separate the plug. Now carefully remove the panel assembly from the smoker.
  4. Lay the old and new control panels face down on a suitable work surface and remove all switches from the old panel, it isn’t necessary to disconnect wires from switches.
  5. Disconnect and label the two wires from the old circuit breaker, and the two from the old thermostat.
  6. Transfer the switches and wiring over to the new panel some of the wire ties will need to be cut so wires and switches can be repositioned into their mounting holes.
  7. Refer to wiring diagram provided for location of wires from old thermostat.
  8. Locate wire from old thermostat to the white 15 pin molex plug. Cut the forked terminal off the wire, remove about 1/8” of insulation and with a wire terminal crimp tool, crimp on a female terminal. Next plug this wire onto the #6 terminal of the digital temp. control as shown on the wiring diagram.
  9. Cut off terminal of other thermostat wire and install a piggy back, female terminal end on this wire as done in previous step. Now plug this wire onto the #10 terminal of the control.
  10. Locate the short jumper wire included with this setup and plug one end onto the piggy back terminal installed in step 9, the other end connects to the #7 (common) terminal.
  11. Next locate the white wire with the female spade terminal on one end. Connect this to the #9 terminal on the new control, the other end connects to # X1 terminal on the power switch.
  12. Connect circuit breaker wires using two extension wires with one male and one female spade terminal on each wire.
  13. Install the thermocouple through the same opening the old thermostat and thermometer came out of. Feed the new thermocouple into the bracket using the small holes nearest the door. Adjust the tip of the thermocouple even with the drip rail just above the top of the door opening make sure it doesn’t come in contact with any of the metal surfaces.
  14. Seal the hole where the thermocouple passes into the smoker with sealer.
  15. Next connect the yellow wire to the #4 (TC +) terminal and the red wire to the #3 (TC-) of the new control.
  16. Make sure all wires are in the proper location and none have pulled out of the switches. If everything is in place reconnect the white 15 pin connector, remount the control panel, install the six screws and tighten, making sure there are no wires caught between the plate and mounting surface.
  17. Restore power, turn on the smoker, set the temperature and make sure the smoker is working properly.