Replacing old thermostat 1006 with new digital thermostat 432001

por Coby Poluk el September 20, 2023 Categorías: Troubleshooting

As of 01/16/07 the old part number 1006 thermostat is no longer be available, it has been replaced by part number 432001 digital temperature control. This change is being made to provide better temperature control and even better quality of product.

To make this change the control panel mounting plate must also be replaced. All switches and circuit breaker can be transferred to the new panel plate without modifications. This change can be completed in under one hour.

  1. Unplug or turn off power to smoker.
  2. Remove 6 screws holding control panel to smoker, pull panel out and down to expose wiring.
  3. Now locate white, 15 pin molex plug in wiring harness, disconnect plug and remove control panel from smoker.
  4. Place new and old control panel face down on a suitable work surface, locate white locking tab on each switch. Push tab toward panel about 1/8 inch and move tab to the right this will unlock switch block from actuator. Do this on all switches.
  5. Cut the wire ties from the wires between the switches, unplug the wires from the circuit breaker, label these two wires, you will need to reinstall them later.
  6. From the old thermostat remove the red and purple thermocuple wires, next remove the two wires from the relay mounted next to the transformer, one wire is a jumper to the L-1 terminal, mark the other relay wire N. O. this wire will be installed on the N.O. terminal of the new control.
  7. Mark the L1 and L2 wires and remove from old thermostat.
  8. Next separate the wiring and switches from the old panel, remove the switch actuators from old panel and reinstall into new panel. Make sure the white mark on the red power switch actuator lines up with the on and off marked on the front panel. A washer with a lock tab is installed under the retainer nut, make sure this tab is in the notch at the top of the hole.
  9. Lay the switch and wiring assembly on the new panel, bend wires so the switches lay over their new location, plug the two provided wire extensions to the wires removed from the circuit breaker, connect the other ends to the circuit breaker.
  10. Connect the wires removed from the old thermostat to the new temperature control as shown on wiring diagram. Make sure thermocouple wires are connected, RED to #3 TC- and YELLOW or PURPLE to #4 TC+ The black wire L1 with jumper wire from the old thermostat connects to the #10 L1, the other end of the jumper wire connects to #7 COM terminal. The white L2 wire connects to the #9 L2, the other wire from the relay of the old thermostat goes to the #6 N.O. terminal.
  11. Next slide switch blocks of each switch onto their actuator and slide white lock tab to the left to lock. Test operation of each switch. Replace wire ties to wiring. Check to see that all wires are in place on the switch blocks.
  12. Reinstall control panel making sure 15 pin molex plug is connected, and locked securely. Reinstall panel screws, connect power to smoker.
  13. Turn power switch, set temperature, confirm smoker is operating properly.